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Small Weighted Blankets

Our weighted blankets have many therapeutic uses, and have helped many get the sleep they need, including the whole family of those with sensory processing disorder.

All of our weighted blankets are made with quality materials and construction. They are machine washable and dryer safe. Small blankets are designed to fit the user rather than the crib.

With over 60 fabrics available, you are sure to find something you love. All fabrics are 100% cotton unless stated otherwise. Choose the fabric that is just right for you below.

Unless otherwise noted, all our weighted blankets are custom-made to order. Personalizations are on the product page. Blankets ship within 10-15 days.
Weights: available up to 8lbs
Dimensions sized to fit the user: Approx. 34” x50”
Choose Weight
For an effective weighted blanket, you want to choose the weight appropriate for your child. Unless your Occupational Therapist specifies another weight, use our recommendations to the right. Find your child’s weight in the chart to see which blanket weight is best for you. You can round up to the next size for a blanket that will continue to be effective as your child grows (i.e. a 45lb child should get a 6lb blanket for a 50lb user).
UserBlanketPressure (lb/sq ft)Price
20 lb 3 lb 0.25 69.95
30 lb 4 lb 0.34 74.95
40 lb 5 lb 0.42 79.95
50 lb 6 lb 0.51 84.95
60 lb 7 lb 0.59 89.95
70 lb 8 lb 0.68 94.95