Can I Wash My Weighted Blanket?

Can I Wash My Weighted Blanket?

At SensaCalm, one of the most common questions we receive revolves around the proper care for weighted blankets. Understandably, users want to know if they can wash their weighted blankets — and more than that, they also want to know how to wash a weighted blanket.

SensaCalm weighted blankets are 100% safe for the washer and dryer, but not every weighted blanket manufacturer out there can make the same claim. Here’s what you need to know before you buy.

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Is Your Weighted Blanket Machine Washer Safe?

There’s nothing better than snuggling up with a new blanket, especially if it’s a weighted blanket. However, spills and muddy paw prints can happen. Whether you’re on the sofa with a mug of coffee or sneaking a few crackers in bed, it’s easy to end up with a stain or two.

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When you need to wash and care for your weighted blanket, it’s important to know the best way to make sure it keeps its shape and function through a wash and dry cycle.

Washing Your Weighted Blanket

First, we’ll cover washing instructions for SensaCalm weighted blankets. For all SensaCalm weighted blankets, we recommend washing your blanket separately. For best results, don’t combine other items with your weighted blanket in the washing machine. Wash your weighted blanket separately with regular detergent.   

  • 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets - At SensaCalm, all of our weighted blankets are safe for the washer. If you order a 100% cotton blanket, you should wash it in warm or cold water. For blankets made with fabric that’s a bright or dark color, we recommend washing in cold water first with a cup of salt to lock in the color and prevent any dye from running or fading.
  • Waterproof Fabric Weighted Blankets - For a SensaCalm weighted blanket made with one of our waterproof fabrics, wash in warm or hot water. Don’t dry clean waterproof weighted blankets, and don’t use any bleach, vinegar or oxy products when washing.
  • Weighted Blankets with Minky Fabric - If you have a SensaCalm weighted blanket made with our super soft minky fabric, wash on cold with detergent but skip the fabric softener.

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Should you ever take your weighted blanket to a laundromat? We recommend doing this for blankets that weigh over 10 pounds, although your machine might be able to handle a bigger size if you have a front loader washing machine without a center agitator.

If you’re concerned that your weighted blanket will bunch up and throw your machine off balance, it might be best to wash it at the laundromat using the same washing instructions for smaller weighted blankets.

For young kids (and adults, too!), many people like ordering a duvet cover for their SensaCalm weighted blanket. The duvet cover is easy to remove, with snaps that make it simple and hassle-free to put the duvet on and remove it for no fuss washing and drying.

If You or Your Child Has Allergies

Understandably, some people are sensitive to fabrics and dyes. At SensaCalm, we don’t pre-wash our fabric before we make our weighted blankets. If you or your child is particularly sensitive to fabric or dyes, you might want to wash your blanket before use.

If your weighted blanket arrives with a few wrinkles, you can easily get these out by tossing your blanket in the dryer on a low setting. Once the wrinkles are out, you can cuddle up and start enjoying your new weighted blanket right away.  

A Word of Caution About Other Weighted Blanket Manufacturers

Do you own a weighted blanket made by another manufacturer? Are you shopping around, wondering which weighted blanket is right for you? Pay close attention to the washing and care instructions listed on the manufacturer’s website, as some weighted blankets contain covers or duvets that don’t detach from the weighted blanket, making washing more difficult.

Other weighted blankets are spot-clean only, which means you can’t put them in a washing machine without ruining the pellets inside. This compromises the therapeutic benefits of the weighted blanket — and who has the budget to order a new weighted blanket every time you need to wash it?

At SensaCalm, we want our customers to enjoy their weighted blankets whenever and wherever they need them. Because all of our weighted blankets can be washed in a regular washer and dryer, you can feel confident taking your weighted blanket in the car, to school, at the doctor’s office, on vacation or anywhere else you or your child might want to use it.    

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Drying Your Weighted Blanket

When it comes to drying your weighted blanket, what’s inside matters. At SensaCalm, we use 100% Virgin Polypropylene pellets to give our blankets weight. The polypropylene pellets are hypoallergenic, non-toxic and can withstand drying in a regular machine, but you should always dry your weighted blanket on the correct setting.

  • 100% Cotton Weighted Blankets - Dry on a low or medium setting. Never iron or microwave. Don’t dry clean.
  • Waterproof Fabric Weighted Blankets - Dry on a low setting. Never iron or microwave. Don’t dry clean.
  • Weighted Blankets with Minky Fabric - Tumble dry on low heat or air fluff. You can also hang to dry. If you choose to dry on a line or drying rack, it’s best to evenly distribute the weight rather than hanging the blanket from one edge.   

If you’ve purchased a weighted blanket from a different manufacturer, be cautious about drying it in a machine. The reason is that some manufacturers have attempted to cut their costs by using less expensive pellets in their blankets.

Some of these low-quality pellets are more porous, and they melt at very low temperatures, meaning you can’t put them in the dryer. For heavier blankets made by manufacturers who use low-quality pellets and fillers, it can take a very long time to line dry a weighted blanket. Fortunately, if you purchase from SensaCalm, you don’t have to worry about cheap or inferior pellets or fillers, as we use the highest quality 100% Virgin Polypropylene.

Should You Iron Your Weighted Blanket?

You should never iron your SensaCalm weighted blanket, as the high heat could damage the Virgin Polypropylene pellets inside. However, if you have a duvet cover for your weighted blanket, it’s perfectly okay to iron the duvet cover on a low heat setting before putting the duvet cover back on your weighted blanket.   

Order Your SensaCalm Weighted Blanket Today

Ready to give the gift of great sleep? Or enjoy a restful and restorative night? Order your custom weighted blanket today, or choose from our wide selection of ready-to-ship finished weighted blankets. We have a variety of fabrics, patterns and colors for kids and grown-ups alike.  

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