Stock Weighted Blankets

Aside from offering custom-made weighted blankets, SensaCalm also offers a selection of Stock Weighted blankets. All items are in new condition and ship within 2 business days. Prices and selection vary.

Confused on what blanket to buy? Check out our buying guide here. 

Small Size Blankets

Small (Approx 34” x 50”**)

Medium Size Blankets

Medium (Approx 38” x 62”**)

Large Size Blankets

Large (Approx 38” x 72”**)

**Our blankets are originally cut in the same basic sizes as our larger competitors. The addition of polyfill, which we add for comfort and softness, “draws up” the blanket somewhat, leading to somewhat smaller finished measurements. You can request no polyfill if you choose on all blankets except for the finished blankets category.