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How to choose the size and weight when buying a weighted blanket

What size to choose...small, medium, large, full, queen or king?  If you are looking for less stress and more rest in your life, you have come to the right place!

Unlike a standard blanket that would be for a bed, weighted blankets are made to fit the BODY. The blanket should lay on top of the bed without hanging over the sides (as you can see in the photo). Because the blanket is weighted, if it hangs over the sides, you will spend the entire night fighting to keep it from sliding into the floor. You can use a regular blanket for “looks” during the day, keeping your weighted blanket folded at the bottom of the bed. Or you can bring out your weighted blanket only at bedtime.

As you move through the website, you will choose fabric, then size, and then you will be presented with the weight chart to help you choose size. Please keep in mind the chart is just a suggested guide, and we are not medical professionals.

Step #1 Pick your fabric

Unlike other sites when choosing a custom made blanket on SensaCalm you choose your fabric first. Once you have chosen one it will take you to the page to choose the size, weight, and all other options for your blanket.

Step#2 Choosing size and weight

While children tend to follow the weight chart, adults kind of "top out" and not require a weight correlated with their body weight.  We do offer a liberal Return Policy and we are happy to assist you in finding just the right blanket for you. We are here to make you happy and hopefully help you rest!

Step # 3 Option of No Polyfil

Another option is to request NO POLYFIL in your blanket. This will make your blanket flat and much like a quilt, since there will be no stuffing, just the poly pellets to make the weight and the two sides of fabric. Many people who live in states like Florida, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas order their blankets without any polyfil in them.

However 90% of our blankets sold have the polyfil in them, and most people do not find them any warmer than their regular blankets. I have had a lot of comments from parents that said their children liked the polyfil because it makes it look more like a regular blanket and not a therapy blanket. It also helps to mask the sound of the poly pellets shifting within the pockets.

Step #4 Backing Options & Cuddle Fleece

Cuddle Fleece option as a backing- this is a very soft fleece that is especially good for people who are sensory seekers or just like their blanket to be extra soft. The Cuddle will be on the back and the trim of the blanket and looks very nice. If you are ordering a child or pattern fabric we will choose the matching Cuddle for that blanket. If you are choosing a Supreme Solid fabric you will choose your color of Cuddle. We do not offer the Cuddle in the Gallery Section because most of the colors clash together and you can’t see that from the website. If you would like this anyways give us a call and we will put it in as a special order. We also do not offer this in Full or Queen sizes because the fabric stretches and the extra amount of weight in these blankets would cause it to wear much faster and possibly break the stitching.

If you are buying a blanket for yourself or for someone else that is hot natured or lives in a hot climate you want to stay away from the option of the Cuddle fleece. Fleece naturally makes the blanket warmer and while it is very soft if you get really hot at night you want to steer clear of this fabric.

Step #5 Snaps

The snaps are for our Duvet Covers that you can buy to go over your blanket. We use the snaps because it holds the weight of the blanket without ripping the seams like a tie on would do. Having a Duvet Cover will cut down on the washing of your weighted blanket and personally I think is worth the extra cost. (However, since all of our blankets are washer and dryer safe you don't have to have one)

Step #6 Pillowcase

The pillow case is a nice extra option if you like your bedding to match and you have ordered one of our pattern or child prints and are not likely to find a pillowcase around your house that matches your blanket. The pillowcase will have Cuddle on it also if you have chosen the Cuddle backing option for your blanket. Pillow cases only come in standard size.  

Step #7 Monogramming

Monogramming is great for companies, hospitals, and other companies to keep track of where each blanket belongs. Of course parents and children love this option also since it personalizes the blanket for the person using it. Just remember that once this blanket has been monogrammed it is non-returnable.  


Weighted Blankets for Elderly - Buying weighted blanket for seniors

We have many orders for the elderly and from the feedback I have gotten it is important to remember that bigger is not better. A popular size is the small in the 5-8 lb range for a lap blanket. This is a great one to use just in a chair or on the couch to lay over the legs. If you do order a blanket for use in bed, please make sure to go a couple pounds down from the weight guideline. I would not suggest anything over the Adult size 12-15 lb, and nothing above a 10-12 lb in the Medium size. If you have any questions just give us a call.


Weighted Blankets for Toddlers - Buying Tips

Size Small approx. (34x50)


What size to make a weighted blanket for a child

The first thing you want to know about buying for your toddler is, you want the blanket that would best fit them and not the bed. Our Small size is approximately (34x50) and this is what I would suggest for a toddler. It fits a toddler bed mattress without hanging over. It can fit children between the ages of 1-6 years old. Please use our weight guidelines when deciding on the weight to get for your young child and make sure they can remove the blanket on their own without assistance. If your child is especially sensory seeking you may want to consider adding the Cuddle fleece option to this blanket. It is very soft, and is a huge hit with children and adults alike.  

Weighted Blankets for Elementary Aged Children - Buying Tips

Size Medium approx. (38x62)

The first thing I would like to address is the size of blanket appropriate for children of this age. 6 years - 12 years. A lot of people believe that they need to buy a blanket to fit their child’s bed, an understandable option, but let me tell you why that is not the case with a weighted blanket.

Our sizes are not normal blanket sizes. Our blankets are made to fit the person and not the bed, the reason for this is that it has been shown to work better if you get the blanket made to fit your body. Also our blankets are made so that they will NOT hang over the edges of your bed AT ALL. If they hang over, the weight will slowly pull the blanket off of your bed and instead of getting the rest that you need you will spend your night pulling that blanket up on the bed over and over and over.

Use our weight guidelines when picking your blanket. It's okay to round their weight up to the nearest 10 lb mark. (54 lbs = 60 lbs)  


Your child is 54lb. Medium 7lb is for a 50lb user Medium 8lb is for a 60lb user

You may want to go with the Medium 8lb since they are already over the weight for the 7lb. There is not a huge difference of pressure in these 2 blankets, but always listen to how your child feels about the weight of the blanket. If at any point they say it is uncomfortable take it off. If you stay within our guidelines this should not be a problem.  


Weighted Blanket for Teenager, Weighted Blanket for Adults  - Buying Tips

Large size (38x72)

This is where it gets tricky. :-) Adults dealing with different things such as sensory disorders, adhd, anxiety, insomnia, restless legs, and so on are comfortable with different amounts of weight. So I am going to tell you the best I can what my recommendation is based on the customers I have talked to.  

One thing I would like to add is that the weight guidelines were originally for children with autism and that is the reason I think many people who have anxiety, insomnia, and things like this do not need that extra weight. The Adult 18lb is our most returned blanket, and the reason is most always that it was too heavy for the person. I suggest adults start with the 15 lb Large for older teens and adults.  


Buying as an Adult or Teenager with Autism

-many people with autism crave that extra sensory input, I would recommend to stay in the weight guidelines (even the higher ones) and if they really like textures to add Cuddle Fleece to the blanket.


Weighted blankets for adult men

Men often find that the Large size is too narrow for them. I often tell men to go up to the next size which is a Full approx. (56x72) and I have never had a complaint about that size. Full 20 lb is a good place to start for an adult man.


Weighted blankets for adult women

Women seem very satisfied with the Large size blanket. The only complaint I have had is as listed above about too much weight. Except, if their well meaning husband/ boyfriend pick out the fabric and they do not like the color :-) I suggest adult women start with the 15 lb if they have never used a weighted blanket before.


Buying a Full size weighted blanket

Approx. (56x72)

It is important to remember that the size of our “Full” size will not be like your regular comforter. You can always measure across your bed to see how it would lay. This blanket should only cover the top of the bed and never hang over the edges.

I have not had any complaints about this size so there is not a lot I can recommend that is not already on the website :-)

You can find these under Gallery and Supreme Solid fabrics.

We do not offer them in patterns because we have to piece together the 2 yards of fabric and it is sometimes hard to line them up perfectly. However if you have your heart set on this size and one of our other fabrics, just give me a call and we will make it happen.


Buying a Queen Size Weighted Blanket

Approx. (64x72)

Again the “queen” size is not sized like your regular blanket.

I have only ever had one problem with this size.

The Queen 40lb for 200lb+ user.

This size and weight is returned at least 70% of the time. This blanket is so large and so heavy that most people find it too much to manage. Some even said it made them feel claustrophobic.

If you have your mind set on the Queen size I would not recommend anything over our Queen 30lb. The other sizes are rarely, if ever returned. You can find this size in Gallery or Solid Supreme fabric. We do not offer them in patterns because we have to piece together the 2 yards of fabric and it is sometimes hard to line them up perfectly. However if you have your heart set on this size and one of our other fabrics, just give us a call and we will make it happen.


Buying a King Size Weighted Blanket

We don't have a photo here, but you can now get our custom blankets in King Size!  Great for couples, or that someone that needs lots of tossing and turning room. 


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