FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100*
FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100*


After December 2, if you order a weighted blanket or peaceful pal they are not likely to arrive before Christmas.  The only exceptions to this are the clearance section, those items are made and ready to go. 

For the other items in the list, they will go out quickly, but we cannot guarantee arrival by the holiday.  


 Did you have your heart set on getting a weighted blanket for someone for Christmas?  You can check out our clearance section (link below) or you can get them a SensaCalm Gift Card, and they can choose their own!  If you choose the physical gift card, we send you a nice gift card in a gift box suitable for any gift giving occasion. 



 50% off Clearance Weighted Blankets 

Use code "CLEAR50" 
Image Text is 50% off Clearance Weighted Blanket. Top Picture shows a white male under a white weighted blanket reading a book. Second pictures shows a white woman peaking out from under a gray weighted blanket. Third picture shows a white woman under a gray economy weighted blanket sleeping.
Get a Free $5 Gift Card with purchase! 
Brown box filled with pop its, tubes, snakes and fidget toys
Image is a wood background with the text "Gift cards will arrive by Christmas" a picture of the SensaCalm gift card and a white and red plaid bow