Waterproof Weighted Items

*duvet not included

Hospital-grade waterproof weighted items


Our waterproof weighted items are just the thing for group homes, hospitals, Dr and Dentist offices, therapy offices, and more.  

Three Ways to Clean

Spray & Wipe

Washer & Dryer

SensaCalm Duvet

Fabric Details

PUL fabric by Eco-PUL™ starts with lightweight polyester interlock (knit) fabric. The polyester fabric is paired with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), a thin stretchy plastic film. These two components are bonded together into a single fabric using a combination of heat, pressure, and adhesive.

In the past, solvent-based adhesives were used to produce PUL fabric. However, the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the adhesive were not good for the environment, or for the workers making the fabric.

PUL fabric by Eco-PUL™ is made with a "green" adhesive that is solvent-free, environmentally friendly, and releases no volatile organics. The TPU lamination film is also very safe for human health. Some people refer to this newer type of PUL as "TPU."

Eco-PUL™ is made in the USA. 73% polyester 27% polyurethane. 153 gsm.

Eco-PUL is fully CPSIA compliant.

You may see laminated cotton woven or knit fabrics available on the market - we do not sell or recommend cotton PUL, as it is difficult to achieve a truly waterproof finished product.

The most important characteristic of Eco-PUL™ is that it forms a waterproof barrier, while still being breathable. In this context, breathable does not mean that you can hold the fabric over your face and breathe through it. It means that the fabric releases heat and water vapor.

Eco-PUL™ fabric is washable in hot water in commercial or home laundry. It resists abrasion, is fire retardant, and anti-microbial.

Care Instructions

Machine wash warm or hot

Dry low

  • Do not iron
  • Do not dry clean
  • No bleach, vinegar, or oxy-type products

Bleach, vinegar, and Oxy-clean products are harsh and over time can damage your PUL. Please use regular or HE laundry detergent only.

Eco-PUL™ can withstand plenty of use and the repeated hot washing necessary for reuseable items

PUL should not be dried on HIGH heat in a dryer, very high air heat can cause PUL to wear prematurely, warp or melt. We recommend drying on low. It is not necessary to "seal" seams in PUL by drying prior to use, and this practice could potentially damage your fabric.

Safety Info

  • Never use a weighted blanket as a form of punishment!
  • Users must be able to remove their weighted blanket on their own!
  • Small glass beads could be a choking hazard for small children. Stitching is strong, but should still be checked after every washing!

Items available in waterproof variants: