SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap

SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap

SleepySuds Epsom Salt Soap is the perfect addition to your child’s night time routine. Epsom salts are proven to ease stress and relax the body, making them great for anyone with Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism.

Epsom salts are known to provide a dose of magnesium through the skin (which people with autism tend to be short on) and draw toxins out of the body, while various essential oils combine to provide a calming and comforting effect.

Sleepysuds Epsom Salts Soap is a SensaCalm original, handmade, and packaged in Tennessee.

Ingredients: Essential Oils, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Purified Water, Castor Oil, Epsom Salts, and Cocoa Butter.

Colors derived from natural mineral-based sources are embedded in natural Mica powder making up less than 00.10% of the total weight.

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