Twiddle Cat

Cat hand muff with squishy ball in center, satin pocket, Velcro twiddle patch and three sensory attachments. Sensory attachments include a sealed satin bag with marbles, colorful textured ribbons, and a loop of wooden beads. Choose Cream or Chocolate Brown.

Loved by special needs kids and elderly nursing home patients.  Keeps the hands warm, and has lots of tactile fidgets to keep the hands busy.

Great gift idea for Autism or Sensory Processing Disorder. Kids with autism who like pressure can benefit from putting their hands inside a hand muff. They may also enjoy touching the varied textures, and multiple things to fiddle with can keep them happily occupied.


Weighted Blankets are not safe for anyone under 1 year of age, or anyone that cannot remove the blanket without assistance. Never use a weighted blanked as a restraint or punishment.

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