Custom Weighted Blanket - Minnie's Happy Helpers


Minnie and Daisy are always happy to give a helping hand and that’s exactly what they’ll do with our awesome Minnie’s Happy Helpers fabric! Rest comfortably under this fun-filled fabric! Works well for weighted blankets, wraps, and lap pads!

SensaCalm weighted blankets are:

  • Therapeutic and have helped many get the rest they need, especially those with Sensory Processing Disorder.
  • Constructed with quality materials.
  • Polyfill is used to give a comfortable pillow-like feel.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Sized to fit user.
  • Custom-made to order.
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Weighted Blankets are not safe for anyone under 1 year of age, or anyone that cannot remove the blanket without assistance. Never use a weighted blanked as a restraint or punishment.


The majority of fabrics come in smaller widths. Fulls and queens only available in supreme solid and gallery fabrics.

We recommend that a weighted blanket be made to fit the body and not the bed. See why

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Lori A.

Minnie weighted blanket

My granddaughter has had difficulties sleeping through the night. She is 13 months old and had mild CP. Her muscles twitch and get sore in the evening. We tried massage and different things with no success. The dr’s wanted to put her on medication and we really didn’t want to consider that option. Her PT and OT recommended a weighted blanket. So we gave it a try. Thank goodness we did. She is now sleeping through the night. We are going on three weeks with only one night of waking up. We love this blanket!


Hi Lori, Thank you so much for sharing with us about your granddaughter and how the weighted blanket has helped her. We love hearing success stories like yours! We are so happy she is getting the sleep she deserves. Thank you for choosing SensaCalm.

Christina B.

Love our blanket

Very cozy!


Hi Christina, Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review. We love hearing from our customers. We are so thrilled that you are happy with your choices. Thank you for choosing SensaCalm

Makenzie D.

We love It!

My youngest has always had horrible sleeping habits, we've tried literally everything to get her to sleep and stay asleep but nothing was working. We ordered a small 4lb Minnie Mouse blanket with cuddle backing and it's been a total game changer. She went from waking up two to three times a night, to not waking at all. We are now looking to buy her big sister a blanket, and possibly us as well!!


Hi McKenzie, Thank you for sharing your wonderful review, how exciting that your daughter slept through the night and is not getting up, no matter how many times we hear this from parents it is always music to our ears! Thank you so much for choosing SensaCalm we will be happy to help you choose blankets for the rest of the family!

Sheila H.

we are very pleased with

we are very pleased with the blanket!

Sandy H.

Our granddaughter loves her Minnie blanket!!!

We had to exchange the first one we ordered because it was the padded blanket. The customer service was excellent and the exchange process was easy. The new, flat blanket is just like the one her therapist was letting her borrow. But, she loves this one more because it has Minnie on it. Thanks so much!!! We'll definitely be purchasing from you again!!!

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