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Weighted Blanket - Supreme Lavender


The lighter of our two lavender colored fabrics. Supreme Lavender looks great with its darker counterpart Deep Lavender and even looks good all by itself.

Weighted blankets can be helpful for those with SPD, ASD, PTSD, ADHD and anxiety.  SensaCalm weighted blankets are:

  • Sewn with care, and the best quality materials.
  • Polyfill is used to give a comfortable pillow-like feel.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • Sized to fit user.
  • Custom-made to order.
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The majority of fabrics come in smaller widths. Fulls and queens only available in supreme solid and gallery fabrics.

We recommend that a weighted blanket be made to fit the body and not the bed. See why

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Rosalind B.

Ros’s Calm Blanket

I love my blanket! I do wish that I had purchased a heavier weight, but I am satisfied with the quality, color and benefits offered by this blanket. It helps me with my restless legs and affords me a more peaceful rest.

Ewan B.

Exactly what we wanted - happy customers!

I bought this for my girlfriend who had tried a homemade version previously. She says it feels a lot more professional and comfortable in terms of weight distribution. She uses it for anxiety and the weight advice given for these users was very helpful and we have not needed to use the returns service.

Tiffany L.

I'm in love!

This weighted blanket is AWESOME. I actually tried 2 other weighted blankets from different companies before trying SensaCalm and third time's the charm! It is the most comfortable and the most durable of the blankets I tried. The stitching is well done, and the polyfil makes it cozy and quiet (from the shifting of pellets inside). Their customer support is fantastic. They are quick to respond to your emails and they sent me several samples of fabric to help me decide on the color before placing my order. (Thanks, Cody!) I chose the supreme lavender and it is beautiful! And of course, the main reason I am so happy with my purchase is that it does what it was made to do - it provides comfort and better sleep! I live with anxiety, panic attacks, and disturbing nightmares that can all affect my sleep. With the blanket I am getting much better sleep and not waking up as often throughout the night. My dreams have improved (which I believe is due to the serotonin release caused by the pressure of the weight on your body) as well. I am glad that I read through the "learn more about blanket sizing" section too, which explains the best blanket option for your specific needs. It helped me to choose the large sized 15lb option and it is perfect for me. I am 5'9" 140lbs, just for reference, in case you might be the same as me. I was worried that the large size might not be wide enough, but it is perfect as it is. It forms a nice cocoon around my body and any bigger would have been a nuisance. So long story short, get your SensaCalm blanket today and you won't be sorry! Seek help from customer service if you need it and they'll help you out! I'm a customer for life and would definitely purchase from them again. Thank you, SensaCalm!

Mark M.

Wife loves her blanket!

Wife loves her blanket!

Michelle S.

Weighted blanket

the blanket is awesome. my daughter sleeps all night now and even slept through a thunderstorm!

User Blanket Pressure
20 lb 3 lb 0.25
30 lb 4 lb 0.34
40 lb 5 lb 0.42
50 lb 6 lb 0.51
60 lb 7 lb 0.59
70 lb 8 lb 0.68
Pressure is lbs/sq ft.
User Blanket Pressure
30 lb 5 lb 0.31
40 lb 6 lb 0.37
50 lb 7 lb 0.43
60 lb 8 lb 0.49
70 lb 9 lb 0.55
80 lb 10 lb 0.61
90 lb 11 lb 0.67
100 lb 12 lb 0.73
110 lb 13 lb 0.79
120 lb 14 lb 0.86
130 lb 15 lb 0.92
Pressure is lbs/sq ft.
User Blanket Pressure
50 lb 8 lb 0.42
60 lb 9 lb 0.47
70 lb 10 lb 0.53
80 lb 11 lb 0.58
90 lb 12 lb 0.63
100 lb 13 lb 0.68
110 lb 14 lb 0.749
120 lb 15 lb 0.79
130 lb 16 lb 0.84
140 lb 17 lb 0.89
150 lb 18 lb 0.95
160 lb 19 lb 1.00
170 lb 20 lb 1.05
Pressure is lbs/sq ft.
User Blanket Pressure
50-70 lbs 10 lb 0.31
71-95 lbs 15 lb 0.47
96-130 lbs 20 lb 0.62
130-200 lbs 25 lb 0.78
Pressure is lbs/sq ft.
User Blanket Pressure
70-80 lbs 15 lb 0.42
81-120 lbs 20 lb 0.57
130-200 lbs 30 lb 0.85
200+ lbs see O.T. 40 lb 1.13
Pressure is lbs/sq ft.