Children's Weighted Vest

Our weighted vests can be therapeutic for children with autism, sensory processing disorder or other special needs.  Weighted vests provide proprioceptive input (awareness of one's body position in space), which helps calm the user.  The key features of our weighted vest are:

  • Only one tear away tag.
  • Waterproof, neoprene zipper pull can be used as chewy.
  • Nylon zipper front closure.
  • Looks like a normal vest that any child would want to wear.
  • The vest is fully Machine Washable and Dryable with weights removed.

Quality, denim weighted vest with gold stitching.  Five cotton fabric pockets lining the interior hold removable weights.  A Faux pocket flap on the front has a real button for fidgeting, and the underside is Cuddle fabric for a tactile fidget.  The vest is fully washable with weights removed.

Vests should be approximately 5% of the body weight.   The 1.5 lb vest comes with three 1/2 pound weights and is appropriate for a 30 lb child (one in each pocket).  Extra weights are available.  The drop-down menu below will help you find the weight appropriate for you.  The vest can hold up to 5 lbs in weights (two 1/2 pound weights in each pocket).


Weighted Blankets are not safe for anyone under 1 year of age, or anyone that cannot remove the blanket without assistance. Never use a weighted blanked as a restraint or punishment.

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