Weighted Wrap - Mario Kart

Weighted Wrap - Mario Kart

That red shell get you at the last second? Slipped on one too many banana peels? It’s no big deal as long as you get some rest with our nostalgic Mario Kart fabric! It has all your favorite Nintendo characters in everyone's favorite racing game! This is the perfect fabric for any Nintendo fan!

Our weighted wraps are:

  • Designed to help those with Sensory Processing Disorder and many other special needs.
  • Constructed with quality materials.
  • Machine washable and dryer safe.
  • Made-to-Order and ship within 10-15 days.

This is the perfect portable item for in the car, doctors appointments, school, etc. Everyone LOVES this item. Popular with kids and the elderly.  Can be used as a stroller/car seat blanket for the very little ones.

Some additional fees may apply to special requests.  Please call toll-free 855-736-7222 for prices and availability.

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