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Weighted Wraps 3 lb

Our weighted wraps are an alternative to the weighted vest. Wraps are approximately 12" x 36" and weigh 3lbs. They are the perfect size to wrap around your shoulders or put around your neck like a scarf. A weighted wrap can be doubled and put on the lap as a lap pad. It also makes a perfect size lap blanket when laid across the lap.

A wrap does not need to weigh as much as a blanket because the weight is concentrated into a smaller area. Because of size limitations, they do not contain polyfil, only polypellets. The smaller size makes it the perfect portable item for in the car, doctors appointments, school, etc. Everyone LOVES this item. Weighted wraps are popular with kids and the elderly. They can even be used as a stroller/car seat blanket for the very little ones. 

Weight: 3lbs
Dimensions: 12” x36”
Unless otherwise noted, all our weighted wraps are custom-made to order. Personalizations are on the product page. Wraps ship within 10-15 days.

*Finished Blankets purchased before 1pm EST will ship same business-day. Regular blankets are custom made with a 10-15 day manufacturing time.