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Weighted Blankets

**SHIPPING NOTICE:  Current manufacturing time is 10-15 days.**

Looking for a therapeutic weighted blanket to help your child or someone you love to sleep through the night? Are you or someone you know dealing with anxiety and stress? Is your child with Autism having melt-downs? Thousands of people successfully use an Affordable Weighted Blanket from SensaCalm as a natural sleep aid or a meltdown preventer every day. Our weighted blankets are made with the highest quality materials and the best construction to give you a weighted blanket you and your family will love.

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Weighted Belt

Weighted Belts

Weighted belts from Miracle Belt™ are great for schools, doctor offices and more. They help with calming and focus.

Sensory Accessories

Sensory Accessories

We have a variety of sensory products to help calm or provide sensory input for those with autism, sensory processing disorder and more.