How to choose a weighted blanket brand?

How to choose a weighted blanket brand?



Weighted blanket brands run the gamut in price...but why? If you have been wondering how to choose what is the best-weighted blanket brand and what is a fair price, we've got some good information for you.

FYI, just because it has a high price does not mean it is a high-quality item. Some products are being cleverly marketed to make you think they are made domestically, but the truth is they are selling you a cheaply made product and making a huge profit.


Things you should ask about when buying weighted products:

Is it washable?


How do you clean a weighted product? The most high-quality weighted items will be fully washable and dryable. Blankets under 20 lbs can be washed in a home washer that has enough room in the tub to move around. If your washer tub is small, or your blanket is heavier than 20 lbs, you can take it to the laundromat and use the commercial size washers.

BEWARE that some blankets are not washable, or only have a washable duvet.

Here is more info about washing your weighted blanket.


What about duvets?

A removable cover is a wonderful addition, but if your blanket itself is washable, the duvet is not a necessary item. You want the entire blanket to be washable because no matter how careful you are, spills and accidents happen.

How will the duvet attach? Are there enough attachment points to keep the heavy blanket from just dropping to the bottom?

Very hot-natured people will probably not want to use a duvet because it adds extra layers.


What is the fabric made of?

There are a lot of choices here, but your most sturdy option will probably be 100% cotton fabric.

Here are some others:

  • 100% cotton (good for temperature regulation and hot sleepers)
  • polyester/cotton blend
  • Polyester cuddle (Minky dot fleece has excellent tactile input)
  • Waterproof (sturdy, wipeable)
  • organic cotton or natural fabrics like hemp or bamboo
  • Satin (available for duvet but not blanket) Provides an excellent cooling feeling to your weighted blanket.


    Fabric color and pattern options

    Especially when buying weighted blankets for kids, you are going to want plenty of good color options and prints. Make sure the store you choose has lots of options and customizations, and that they can special order your fabric choice if they do not have it.



    What is IN the blankets?

    The most common fillers in weighted blankets are:

    • glass microbeads (most eco friendly)
    • virgin poly pellets (plastic pellets, non-porous and high heat point)
    • HDPE pellets (more porous than poly pellets or glass)
    • recycled (regrind) poly and/or other types of plastic pellets

    What about polyfill (pillow stuffing)?

    Polyfill makes a blanket fluffy, like a comforter. It also helps dampen the sound of the weighted material shifting side to side. Not everyone offers this option.



    Weight distribution

    Weight should be evenly distributed throughout the blanket, without the ability to "fall" into the bottom or the corners. Blanket weight is based on your body weight and the size of the blanket combined.


    Who makes it and where?

    • Is it made in China? (are the workers making it making a living wage?)
    • If you would like to search local businesses close to you, google "weighted blankets nearby"
    • Does the website give the full address and contact information for the location?
    • Has the website existed for at least a year? (or long enough to make you comfortable they won't be gone tomorrow?)
    • If made in America is important to you...then watch out for tricky wording like "sourced in America, shipped from America, assembled in America," etc.


    What size and weight options should be available?



    Weighted blankets should fit the body, and not the bed. Click here to learn more About weighted blanket sizing

    • small/toddler
    • medium/youth
    • large/teen/adult
    • full
    • queen
    • king


    Weight options:

    weights 15 20 and 25 pounds are standard for imports, but many weights can be available from 3 lb up to 40 or 50 lb, depending on who you buy from. Weight is based on body weight and blanket size, and the site you buy from should have suggestions available for your particular need.


    A few last things...

    • What is the return and exchange policy?
    • How long is the item warrantied against defects?
    • Do they have the customizations you want?
    • How is customer service? Are they easily reachable via phone, email, and chat?
    • What are your shipping options? (ground shipping is preferable for larger items). Do they ship internationally? Can duties be prepaid?
    • What is the estimated time for an item to ship?
    • If you buy the item today, and it goes on sale next week, will you be able to request a refund for the difference?


    How are the reviews...look at their website reviews. You can also find reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and sometimes the Better Business Bureau.

    *weighted blankets are beneficial for sensory processing and sensory integration because they can increase body awareness and provide deep pressure proprioceptive input, much the same as a weighted lap pad or weighted vest would.


    Wishing you "less stress and more rest",

    Donna Chambers

    CEO and Founder


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