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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $100*

Frequently Asked Questions

We actually have an entire page dedicated to using and washing your weighted blanket here.

When you choose a blanket on our site, you will be shown the suggested weight for you.

Do you need to speak to someone about it? Click the chat button at the bottom right.

Small weighted blankets are appropriate for babies and toddlers up to 6yrs of age and are sized approx. 34″ x 50″. Medium weighted blankets are approx. 38″ x 62″ and will fit a child 6-12 yrs old up to an average size adult. Large weighted blankets are perfect for taller teens and adults and are approx. 38″ x 72″.

Remember that weighted blankets are made to fit the BODY and not the BED.

You should only consider a full, queen or king if you are very large, toss and turn a LOT, or are a couple that want to share the blanket.

There is also the consideration that lots of kids and adults like to carry their blanket around and use it on the couch, in the car, etc for calming and this is much easier if it is easy to carry.

Please look at the sizing page for more important information.

SensaCalm is pleased to announce that we’ve switched from virgin poly pellets to more environmentally-friendly glass beads in our weighted blankets and other weighted products. For years we worked with the same polypropylene pellets used to stuff small bean bags and many types of plush toys to create the weight in our blankets. While these pellets are high quality and actually recyclable, we wanted to switch to something even more eco-friendly and efficient yet that would still enable our customers to wash and dry their blankets at home.

“We’ve been wanting to switch from plastic to glass for a while,” explains SensaCalm’s founder Donna Chambers. “But we were adamant about finding a supplier who made the beads in the US in alignment with our commitment to safety, quality control and encouraging domestic job growth.” Chambers continues, “Our new glass beads also have the added benefit of being quieter, which is helpful to those that have noise sensitivity”

Why do we feel glass is a greener option when it comes to adding weight? In a recent report from Britsh Glass, environment minister, Thérèse Coffey said that unlike plastic microbeads, glass powder “can be created from recycled glass – avoiding use of precious virgin raw materials, and the energy consumption of extracting and processing them.” Coffey added, “And as glass itself is around 75% silica sand, if it ends up in wastewater system and eventually the sea it acts just as sand would.”

How else is our new material superior to polypropylene? The glass is heavier per square inch than poly pellets, so less raw material is required to attain the same weight.

Our weights are not removable, the glass beads and poly fill are sewn into each individual square making the weight evenly distributed.

When you choose to order with snaps it is because you are ordering a duvet cover and it will need to snap on.

The Snaps are placed on the Border/Trim of the blanket, and are not uncomfortable if you choose to use your blanket without the Duvet Cover.

Outside of blanket with snaps

Inside of blanket with snaps

We have been in business since 2008. We handmake all of our weighted items in Chattanooga, TN. We are a small, family, woman-owned business. Quality is a passion for us, and we guarantee you won’t find higher quality weighted items anywhere. We offer a 30 day trial period. Nothing makes us happier than happy customers. Check us out, you won’t be sorry!

Yes we do, and the site should detect the country you are in, and offer you the price in the local currency and allow you to prepay duties and taxes.

You can, be sure to call us first. We can also special order fabrics for you. Call 855-736-7222 or click on the chat button at the bottom right.

No, we do not recommend Microwaving any of our Products.

If you wish to warm any of these products, they can safely be done so in the Dryer and then cooled in the Refrigerator or Freezer!

Once you have chosen a fabric, if "Default" is selected it will be the same fabric on both sides, unless you are in Child or Youth fabrics or Pattern fabrics that already have Pre-Set Backings which can be seen in their photos on the product page.

Cuddle Fleece is a very soft, plush material much like you would find in a baby blanket, or plush bathrobe. Another brand is called Minky. Perfect for Sensory Seekers and others who enjoy a soft, warm, and cozy feeling in their blanket.

This totally depends on your specific insurance company. The first thing you want to do is call your insurance company and find out. Then you would order one and submit your invoice for reimbursement if you insurance company covers them.

We cannot file an insurance claim for you, we are not set up to do so.

If your insurance will pay and you cannot pay up front, try asking a medical supply company to order it for you and bill your insurance. We can work directly with the medical supply company if they call us.

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