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The Best Sensory Weighted Blankets Made in the USA

If you frequently find yourself twisting and turning at night due to stress, anxiety, or insomnia, a weighted blanket might be your solution. Weighted blankets create a sense of warm pressure that can resemble the feeling of being hugged. Safe for most people, these blankets work to resolve sleep issues that can cause trouble during the day. Here are just a few of the benefits of a weighted blanket.

Weight and Dimensions

The best weighted blankets are made not to hang over the sides of the bed, since the weight will drag it onto the floor.  The blanket should fit your body, not the bed. Most blankets are comprised of 100% hard-wearing cotton, which ensures a long lifespan and ultra-soft material.

Those that are prone to allergies may favor weighted blankets because of their hypoallergenic properties. Warm in winter months, many weighted blankets feature a removable cover that can provide additional insulation. At up to 40 pounds, these blankets can promote a better sleep schedule with its soft embrace.

Maximum Comfort

Quality blankets are made from cool cotton, cuddle fleece, or a quality organic or sustainable fabric.  Glass beads are weighted and poured into each pocket to create an equal distribution of weight. Depending on your preferences, you can purchase most blankets ranging from 3 to 40 pounds in weight. However, it is recommended that you begin using a blanket that is 7-12% of your body weight for maximum comfort. The best weighted blankets will increase weight based on blanket size as well as the size of the user.

Suitable for all Ages

Many blankets are fitting for children and adults alike. A weighted blanket provides a high level of comfort and relaxation for all ages. They provide maximum comfort and relieve many forms of stress.

A convenient feature of a quality weighted blanket is the simple washing process.  Every part of your weighted blanket should be washable, even if it comes with a duvet. If you have an inner blanket that is “spot clean only” even a duvet cannot prevent this from being ruined.  Weighted blankets can help people of all ages achieve a restful night’s sleep, and allow them to awake refreshed and energized.


Degrees of Comfort

With a vast selection of sizes and weights, our blanket brings high-quality to a broad demographic. Our product ranges from 3 to 40 pounds, so it's a formidable option for both kids and adults. Uniquely built, the design of this type of blanket originates from occupational therapists who first created the weighted blanket for their clients.

Lots of people suffer from sensory issues. Our blankets have been used successfully by people with sensory issues since 2008.  Our blankets are sure to provide you with the maximum comfort available, and are well worth the money.

Sleeping with a Weighted Blanket

If you have children who struggle to fall asleep at night, a weighted blanket may be an excellent solution for them.  Weighted blankets are proven to release oxytocin, the soothing hormone you get when you cuddle someone. Watching TV and reading are just some of the activities that go hand-in-hand with a quality weighted blanket.

The nurturing qualities of a weighted blanket can put your children to sleep in minutes. Most blankets are made from 100% cotton and are available from 3 to 40 pounds.

Perfect for Insomniacs

Crafted from 100% breathable cotton, these types of blankets can be an excellent option for insomniacs. Cheaper blankets occasionally lose their beads due to breaches in the material. However, a well-constructed blanket will mitigate most of these issues.

Cost Effective

Our weighted blankets are a very affordable option. The blanket does an excellent job molding to your body and can give you a sense of relaxation.

These blankets also come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to conform to almost any body type. They provide a sense of rest, and distribute weight evenly for maximum comfort.

Relieve Anxiety

These types of blankets are excellent product for relieving anxiety and tension naturally. Recreating the sensation of a hug, these blankets can put you to sleep very quickly. Multiple duvet cover snaps (duvet covers sold separately) enable the blanket to last extra-long and provide warmer and cooler fabric options for different seasons.  Furthermore, all of our blankets have consistent weight distribution, allowing for a completely relaxing experience.

You can buy most blankets for one child in a twin-sized bed up to two adults in a king-sized bed. For the wandering and restless minds, these blankets can actively block out stimulation that keeps you up at night.

Classic Design for Children

Our blankets can be great for kids. We have plenty of options in kids fabrics, and we will work to find any hard to find fabric they might want. Safety comes first, which is the pinnacle of the industry. These blankets are environmentally friendly with non-toxic beads. The product can serve to nestle and hug your children, giving them a peaceful night's sleep.


These types of blankets have transformed people’s lives, as they feel much more rested in the morning, and have increased mental and physical energy throughout the day. This type of blanket may allow you to get the sleep you deserve, and are guaranteed to wake up rested and full of energy.

Weighted blankets can be very beneficial for those who struggle with sleep. Similar to a hug, these blankets mold to your shape and acts as a warm embrace. Due to their recent spike in popularity, there are endless amounts of variations available on the market. When searching for weight blankets, it's essential to find a high-quality weighted blanket made in USA. Evaluate your needs to determine which of these products can give you the most serene sleeping experience. These types of blankets are beneficial to alleviating anxiety and tension, and allow you to receive a restful night’s sleep.


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