Face Mask Instructions

Proper Mask Use  
Wash your hands before trying on your mask
Hold the mask by the elastic.   The bead on the elastic is for adjusting the size.  You can slide it towards the tied end to make the ear loops larger, or slide it towards the mask to make them smaller.  You want the bead to land behind your earlobes when adjusting to prevent your ears from being pushed away from your head.  ;-)
You want your nose and mouth to be covered.  If the bottom of the mask on the 3D mask does not quite reach to tuck under the chin, don’t pull it down from your nose to make it reach   Be sure to fully cover your nose and mouth, and don’t worry as much about it tucking under the chin as long as your mouth is covered.  The nose and mouth are the important parts.
The filter mask expands further, and should cover you from nose to under the chin very well.  (The filter mask is a better fit for people with large facial features or beards)
If you are fitting a small child or someone with a small head, you can untie the knots on the end of the elastics and remove the beads, then just use the elastics to tie at the back of the head to achieve a good fit.   Then you will slip the mask over the top of the head to put it on in the future.
**The beads are a choking hazard to children under 3, if you remove them to get the most length from your elastic, keep them out of reach of children.
Put the mask on by holding the elastic only and putting it over your ears.  Once the mask is on, do not touch the front while you are wearing it, or as you are removing it.  Always consider the front of the mask “contaminated”.  When you are ready to remove it, touch only the elastic, and store it in a paper bag, or hang in on your rear view mirror.  (the heat in your car destroys the virus)
Your mask will fare better if you hand wash it in the sink with bar soap or dish soap.  Lather it well, then rinse well and hang to dry or lay out flat on a towel.  It can be machine washed and dried, but use a mesh bag or put it inside a pillow case, and use the gentle cycle and dry on low.
Wearing a mask does not mean you can ignore other safety precautions.  Wash your hands often and well.  Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth, or the front of your mask.  Stay 6 feet away from people when in public.  Stay home except for essential tasks, and don’t do those in groups.
If we update this information or add to it, it will be posted at: https://www.sensacalm.com/products/sensacalm-face-mask
We are so grateful.  We want you to be well.  Be kind to each other.
The SensaCalm Team