SensaCalm just got greener! 💚

          SensaCalm is pleased to announce that we’ve switched from virgin poly pellets to more environmentally-friendly glass beads in our weighted blankets and other weighted products. For years we worked with the same polypropylene pellets used to stuff small bean bags and many types of plush toys to create the weight in our blankets. While these pellets are high quality and actually recyclable, we wanted to switch to something even more eco-friendly and efficient yet that would still enable our customers to wash and dry their blankets at home.


          “We’ve been wanting to switch from plastic to glass for a while,” explains SensaCalm’s founder Donna Chambers. “But we were adamant about finding a supplier who made the beads in the US in alignment with our commitment to safety, quality control and encouraging domestic job growth.” Chambers continues, “Our new glass beads also have the added benefit of being quieter, which is helpful to those that have noise sensitivity”

          Why do we feel glass is a greener option when it comes to adding weight? In a recent report from Britsh Glass, environment minister, Thérèse Coffey said that unlike plastic microbeads, glass powder “can be created from recycled glass – avoiding use of precious virgin raw materials, and the energy consumption of extracting and processing them.” Coffey added, “And as glass itself is around 75% silica sand, if it ends up in wastewater system and eventually the sea it acts just as sand would.”

          How else is our new material superior to polypropylene? The glass is heavier per square inch than poly pellets, so less raw material is required to attain the same weight. Because some pre-made items on our website already contain the poly pellets, we urge customers to read the description for the item to see which material is used to add weight for the item they wish to purchase. Now that SensaCalm has secured a reliable supplier, all blankets, wraps, lap pads and Peaceful Pals toys made from here on will be weighted with safe, natural, eco-friendly glass beads!